GA4 Fundamental Setup and Audit Checklist

Google Analytics 4

  • Use the relevant currency for your business.
  • Verify Time zone for reporting is correct.
  • Enable Enhanced Measurement and configure it according to your goals. ( it is enabled by default but it doesn’t hurt to check )
  • Adjust site search within the enhanced measurement according to your architecture
  • Configure timeout session settings and your engaged session timer: engaged sessions timer being set to 10 seconds by default is not a good metric for a session to be counted as engaged in 95% of the cases, setting it up according to your business context will avoid your bounce rate / engaged sessions being manipulated. ( to change it go to-> Admin -> Data Streams -> Google Tag -> Configure tag settings -> show all -> Adjust session timeout -> engaged sessions timer )
  • Enable Google signals data collection.
  • Verify the “Data Retention time period”. (Work with your legal team to ensure it is following your policies.)
  • Define Internal Traffic rules
  • Exclude Internal Traffic
  • Remove Unwanted or spam referrals
  • Check attribution reporting settings and adjust your attribution model and lookback window according to your strategy.
  • Link other google platforms you use in the Product Links
  • Verify Custom Definitions
  • Verify and adjust Audience Definitions.
  • Enable Conversion events
  • Audit User Property and Account Access


  • In the Configuration, tag make sure your measurement ID is right
  • In the GA4 event tag if you add a parameter to your tag in the parameter name section, make sure you do not use “space”. The reason is in GA4 when you want to add an event parameter in custom definitions it does not accept events that include space. Example: use “click_type” as parameter name instead of clicked type.



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